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Trimble's New ThingMagic Sargas RFID Reader Enables Rapid Solutions Development for Systems Integrators and OEMs

Trimble's New ThingMagic Sargas RFID Reader Enables Rapid Solutions Development for Systems Integrators and OEMs

Trimble Navigation Limited (USA) - New UHF Reader with Enterprise Application Features Speeds RFID Solutions and Reduces Time-to-Market.

Trimble introduced the ThingMagic® Sargas, a new reader designed to enable system integrators and OEMs to speed the development of RFID solutions to reduce the time-to-market with less overhead than typical projects.

The ThingMagic Sargas reader is a high-performance, networked, 2-antenna-port, UHF reader in a low profile enclosure. Built around the ThingMagic Micro reader module, the device reads more than 750 tags per second at distances over 9 meters (30 feet) when configured with appropriate antennas. With an onboard processor, memory and removable flash storage, the reader has features designed for a wide range of enterprise applications from retail and warehouse inventory to cold chain food management and healthcare.

"We make it easy for integrators and OEMs to bring their RFID applications to market by providing hardware, software and on-board processing for integration," said Brett Humphrys, general manager of Trimble's ThingMagic Division. "The enterprise features in the new Sargas UHF reader are an ideal illustration. For example, the built-in HDMI interface allows an integrator to add a display directly to the reader without external hardware, reducing cost and time-to-market. This capability is equally useful to an integrator using display peripherals for Human Machine Interface (HMI) in industrial applications, point of checkout for retail and warehouse applications or supervisory functions for parking applications."

ThingMagic Sargas UHF Reader Features:
In addition to Ethernet, General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO), USB and 2 antenna ports, the ThingMagic Sargas UHF reader has extensive support for software development and application testing. The Sargas reader supports the ThingMagic Mercury API, which is common to all other ThingMagic readers and reader modules, reducing the amount of repetitive code required across a range of applications. There is a full Software Developers Kit (SDK) supporting Java, Dot-Net and C environments together with test tools such as the Universal Reader Assistant. The onboard processor runs a version of Linux so the reader can support additional application code with onboard memory and removable storage on a micro SD card. Finally, the Sargas reader supports the EPC Global Gen 2V2 (ISO 18000-63) protocol, RAIN™ (RAdio frequency IdentificatioN), EPC Global LLRP and extended protocols (may require additional licensing).

Regional Support:
Passive RFID tags operate on different frequency bands around the world. The ThingMagic Sargas reader is pre-configured for a wide range of regions including FCC/Americas (902-928 MHz, 917.4-927 MHz, 917.5-922.5 MHz), ETSI/EU (865.6 - 867.6MHz, 869.85 MHz), TRAI/India (865-867 MHz), KCC/Korea (917-920.8 MHz) ACMA/Australia (920-926 MHz), SRRC-MII/ P.R. China (920-926 MHz), MIC/Japan (916.7-920.9 MHz) and an additional Open or customizable range in the 865-869 MHz and 902-928 MHz bands. Full regulatory certification for FCC & IC (North America), EU and India will be available on release with other certification later.

The Sargas UHF RFID Reader is expected to be available in late June 2016 through Trimble's Technology Sales Group and its network of channel partners worldwide.

About Trimble's ThingMagic Division:
Trimble's ThingMagic Division is a leading provider of UHF RFID reader modules, development platforms and design services for a wide range of applications. ThingMagic develops products for demanding high-volume applications and provides consulting and design services to create solutions for challenging applications. ThingMagic's customers include some of the world's largest industrial automation firms, manufacturers, automotive companies, retailers and consumer companies. Located in Woburn, Massachusetts, the ThingMagic business was founded in 2000 by a group of visionary PhD graduates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab.

About Trimble:
Trimble is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. From purpose built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble software, hardware and services are transforming a broad range of industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation and logistics.

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