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How it works

Before using Automation Inside MarketPlace website and service you must read and accept the Rules, the Terms and Conditions of Use. The businesses resulting from the use of Automation Inside MarketPlace are the sole responsibility of the sellers (advertisers) and the buyers. 

How to search and buy brand new and used automation products?

  1. Create your free account or login to manage your data, favorit products, classified ads, contact sellers, etc.
  2. You can search nearby ads from your local stores and private users (select your country and region) and you can also search ads from online stores and global brands.
  3. Search our markeplace by keyword, category, location, etc. using the search box (such as "Sensor", "Controller", etc.) or through our website Menus and Filters.
  4. If you have found the product ad you need, contact the seller through the contact form available on the ad page/product page. If the seller has the "online shop" option active you can buy the product online following the link "Buy Online".
  5. If you can not find what you are looking for, you can also create your own enquiry/ad indicating what you need ("Purchase" type ad).

How to list and advertise used and brand new automation products, services, events, etc.?

  1. Create your account or log in to manage your data, ads, etc.
  2. Register your classified ad using the forms available on the portal or send us your product data files for the various categories: Sensors, Instrumentation/Networking, Packaging/Handling, Robots, Test/Measurement, Software, Events, Services, etc.
  3. You must provide as much information as possible and the information should correspond to the truth. You must add photos (at least one) about your listing to make the ad more appealing.
  4. If you have a lot of products you can send us a data file so that we can import the products for you. Contacts and request us more information about this feature.
  5. Share your ad on Social Networks using the Share feature on the listing page.
  6. Our users and visitors will be able to search and find your ad and contact you or visit your online store for the purchase. Everytime you receive a message from a potential buyer you will receive a notification by email. Suggestion: add our emails and to the list of contacts in your email account to prevent our emails from entering the trash or spam box.
  7. You must reply to all inquiries about your ad. Unanswered accounts may be blocked and users may no longer have access to our services.
  8. If you sell the item (or the item is no longer available for sale for any reason) you must access your account and archive the ad listing immediately, marking it as "Sold." This step is very important to keep the marketplace up to date.


Still have doubts? We recommend that you also read our FAQ page and if you still have questions, please contact us.