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Automation Inside MarketPlace is an Online and Global Automation Marketplace where private sellers and companies can register classified ads and advertise automation related products, systems and services.

On Automation Inside MarketPlace you will find second hand (used) and brand new automation related products and services such as:

  • Sensors (Force Sensors, Load Sensors, Weighing Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Level Sensors, Flow Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Position Sensors, Distance Sensors, Detection Sensors, Torque Sensors, Color Sensors, Identification Sensors, Safety Sensors, Encoders, Inclination/Acceleration Sensors, Vision Sensors, Etc.)
  • Instrumentation and Networking (Computers, Embedded Solutions, Indicators, Displays, HMI, Terminals, Transmitters, Converters, Controllers, PLC, I/O Systems, Drives, Motors, Gearboxes, Actuators, Memory/Data Storage, Gateways, Switches, Routers, Access Points, Antennas, Printers, Cables/Connectors/Housing, Etc.)
  • Packaging and Handling (Checkweighers, Feeders, Filling Systems, Dosing Systems, Batching Systems, Grading Systems, Sorting Systems, Inspection Systems, Metal Detection Systems, X-Ray Inspection Systems, Transportation Systems, Etc.)
  • Robots and Robotics (Robots, Robot Controllers, Automated Guided Vehicles, Robotics, Robots Accessories and Components, Etc.)
  • Test, Measurement and Calibration (Measurement Systems, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Loggers, Data Analyzers, Monitoring Systems, Calibration, Comparators, Test Weights, Etc.)
  • Software and Solutions (Desktop Software, Mobile Software, Web and Cloud Software, Apps, Etc.)
  • Services (Installation, Calibration, Verification, Rental, Support, Repair, Training, Consulting, Etc.)
  • Events (Fairs, Workshops, Webinars, Training, Trade Shows, Etc.)