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Balanças Marques BM5 JUNIOR Flat Retail Scale


Balanças Marques BM5 JUNIOR Flat Retail Scale

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The starting point of Juniors development process was our well-known design of the BM5 ARM scale. We reinvented it to create a more competitive and practical scale, keeping the full potential of the BM5 ARM.

Unbeatable in hardware, unsurpassed in software and unparalleled in design, Junior is the most practical and competitive solution for your business.

The core is the same as our BM5 ARM and the result is a smaller scale with endless potential.

Our Design:

Junior is born from our well-known design, that was reinvented to create a simpler and more practical solution. A scale with a body made entirely of stainless steel, with a 10.1 touch screen for the user and several possibilities of screens to communicate with the customer. It is easy to clean, communicates in network and works without fails.

The ARM technology is at Juniors heart:

With the motherboard fully developed by Marques hardware development teams, as well as a Dual Core processor, ensuring maximum performance, speed and robustness.

POS Software:

Junior is equipped with ETPOS Software, thought from the beginning to be a POS software dedicated to weighing. ETPOS is constantly evolving and is developed entirely by the Software Marques team, guaranteeing an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface.

Tickets and Labels Printer:

To adapt to your needs, Junior is available in several versions, with labeling system or ticketing system. Its size and versatility make Junior the ideal option for any establishment or business.

Dual Screen:

Another of the strengths of this scale is the possibility of having dual screen. For the user, a Touch Capacitive LCD Projected Technology and on the other side a screen intended for communication with the Customer.




Stainless steel deep plate


ETPOS – Labeling Module


Upgrade ETPOS Pro





Junior - 20384145611E

Graphic Display
Range 6/15 kg, division 2/5 g

Junior - 20384145711E

Graphic Display
Range 15/30 kg, divisão 5/10 g

Junior 7 - 20384145605E

2nd screen 7”
Range 6/15 kg, division 2/5 g

Junior 7 - 20384145705E

2nd screen 7”
Range 15/30 kg, division 5/10 g

Junior 10 - 20384145612E

2nd screen 10.1”
Range 6/15 kg, division 2/5 g

Junior 10 - 20384145712E

2nd screen 10.1”
Range 15/30 kg, division 5/10 g

Article Details

Condition : New
Brand : Balanças Marques
Model : BM5 JUNIOR Flat
Type of product: Packaging/Handling
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Balanças Marques BM5 JUNIOR Flat Retail Scale