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Balanças Marques BM5 ARM Retail Scale


Balanças Marques BM5 ARM Retail Scale

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BM5 ARM is a top-of-the-line scale, with new characteristics and features and a bold image.

Unbeatable in hardware, insuperable in software and incomparable in design, BM5 ARM is the best scale for a winning business.

Some of the innovations presented by BM5 ARM:

  • Built-in Scanner
  • Sliding Printing Mechanism
  • Digital Level Bubble
  • Motherboard Marques with Dual Core processor
  • Plate with Backrest

BM5 ARM is available in Double Body and Suspension versions.


  • 15 TFT touch screen Projected Capacitive technology.
  • 2nd Monitor 10.1.
  • Motherboard Marques i.MX6 2x1GHz (Dual CortexTM-A9 MPCoreTM).
  • Digital Level Bubble.
  • 3 USB ports.
  • 1 RS232 port
  • 1 ethernet port (10/100Mbps).
  • Flash Disk 8GB eMMC.
  • Memory Ram 1GB DDR3-1333.
  • Sliding Printing Mechanism.
  • Possibility of using 3 types of paper in the resident printer: continuous paper, self-adhesive paper and labels.
  • Connection to cash drawer.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly graphic interface.
  • Body in stainless steel construction.
  • Plate dimensions: 375x275mm.
  • Software ETPOS 5 Pro

ARM Technology:

The new BM5 is based on the latest ARM technology, with a Marques motherboard equipped with Dual Core processor, which guarantees high performance, speed and robustness.

Dual Screen:

Another strength of this scale is its double screen. For the user, a 15" Projected Capacitive Technology TFT LCD and on the other side a screen intended for communication with the customer.

POS Software:

It uses ETPOS version 5, certified billing and management software, which is optimized for operation on this equipment.


Options BM5 ARM

Italian plate (Double Body Model) #20705140000E
Built-in Scanner #20730110000A
RFID Card Reader #20738050000A
Wifi #20741040000A
ETPOS - Labeling Module #5D2301
BMGEST #21207090000A


BM5 ARM Double Body

Printer 2'' (58mm) - Capacity 6/15 kg, Division 2/5 g #20384095606E
Printer 2'' (58mm) - Capacity 15/30 kg, Division 5/10 g #20384095706E


Printer 3'' (80mm) - Reach 6/15 kg, division 2/5 g
Ref. 20384205612E

Printer 3'' (80mm)- Reach 15/30 kg, division 5/10 g
Ref. 20384205712E


Labeler - Reach 6/15 kg, division 2/5 g
Ref. 20384095612E
Labeler - Reach 15/30 kg, division 5/10 g
Ref. 20384095712E

Article Details

Condition : New
Brand : Balanças Marques
Model : BM5 ARM
Type of product: Packaging/Handling
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Balanças Marques BM5 ARM Retail Scale